Born in November 1953, in Mexico City, Oscar Olea started his music career as a teenager playing drums in a rock band, later he studied guitar in the “Estudio de Arte Guitarrístico” in Mexico City. Finally, when he decided to become a professional musician, he studied composition and piano from 1972 to 1979 in the National School of Music, National Conservatory of Music and the Composition Workshop of the National Institute of Fine Arts. His composition teachers were Federico Ibarra and Manuel Enriquez, both of them well-known Mexican composers, and his piano teacher was Bertha Castro.
From 1980 to 1984 he taught Music Theory in the University of Oaxaca, and from 1985 to 1994 Composition in the National Conservatory of Music. Some of the best musicians and orchestras from Mexico, like the National Symphonic Orchestra, The Symphonic Orchestra of the State of Mexico, The Philharmonic of the National University of Mexico, etc., have performed his works.
Through the years, Oscar also made many tours as a pianist, performing solo and doing four hands piano duets, first with Agueda Gonzales and later with Eduardo Marin, mostly playing Mexican composer’s music and his own.
At the end of 1994 he migrated to the United States and in 2011 he became an American Citizen.

​Since he was a student, curiosity made him learn to tune up and repair his own piano, then he started doing it for friends and later as a business.


I have used Oscar Olea to tune and service my grand piano for several years now. He is GREAT! The tuning is very good. He tunes the old-fashioned way, using his superb sense of pitch. I have had tuners come and charge a LOT more money for much less satisfactory work, who used a machine to tell them when each string was tuned, with the overall sound rarely good. Oscar has never failed to leave me a wonderfully tuned, perfectly working piano every time I hire him. I highly recommend him.” December 11, 2011 Denise Jones, Piano Teacher.
“I highly recommend Oscar that next time you need your piano tuned or repaired. His work was top-notch and he's very reasonable too! Oscar really cares about his work, and will do whatever it takes to make your piano sound as if it just came off the show room floor.” December 14, 2011 Sharmay Musacchio, Opera Singer

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